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Oakland Raiders: Game One of a new year

Tomorrow starts the Raiders' new season. There is a lot of hope riding on this game, as the Raiders hope to not only prove the naysayers wrong about their defense, but also that Jason Campbell is better than JaMarcus Russell in so many ways.

Maybe about 20 points should prove it.

Most of the critics, who try to tune out the Raiders' rise, are ones that feel the problems that Oakland has, are still there. Sure, Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, and a cast of other players still man the defense. So does Asomugha, Johnson, Huff and Mitchell. But what was replaced, in various locations, may be two of the biggest surprises in the NFL...Lamarr Houston, and Rolando McClain, our first and second round selections.

As it stands, both players stand to make an impact from the get-go. One will terrorize the outside, while putting pressure on Vince Young, while the other will play one on one, looking for the cracks in the line...then ramming himself into the openings, to stop the run.

On the offensive side of the ball, Jason Campbell can stand to change a lot of minds. It's not hard to, when you're replacing a guy who is now in legal trouble from his own drinking habit...or dranking habit, if you will. With Oakland, there are a lot of different looks that the club can use, with deep threats, short routes and if we wanted to really cause a facial tic, run about five WRs, three on top, two on the bottom, and see how Jeff Fisher wants to stop this mess in action. Someone's going to be open.

Well, enjoy the game...I know I will.


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