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Oakland betrayed by reliable source...anyone have a kicker for sale?

Three times, today.

Three lousy efforts.

Today, Seabass, normally reliable, strong-legged and good from long range, hasn't looked anything like the player he was last year.

Did he spend too much time off in the preseason?

Enough about Sebastian Janikowski....he was simply the last culprit in a team failure for the fans of the Silver and Black.

Culprit one, was obvious....since the coaching staff knew he was a risky proposition, why didn't Oakland try to pass a couple times before kicking the ball? They had almost two minutes to work with, with a short field...why not try a pass into the end zone? If it goes incomplete, fine, the clock stops.

Culprit two, was a series of questionable calls, by the world famous zebras of the NFL. Before anyone says anything, look at what the Cards had for penalties, and what the Raiders had. For the Cards to get a first down, they would simply grab a Raiders jersey during a pass and get a flag thrown their way. A couple times, even the Raiders players wondered why it didn't work that way for them...after all, several examples in the end zone by Darrius Heyward-Bey were noticable, but never called. Relating it to last week's personal foul late in the game, how about the non-call on the horse-collar tackle? It's one thing if it's warranted...but blatant penalties that aren't called...or when the ref himself tries to strip the ball, you'd like to use a two by four on that ref for bias.

Of course, the biggest problem is the NFL won't fix the referee situation, standing by their standard response...both teams have to play with the same refs.

That only works, if both teams are treated equally. Both teams weren't, Goodell.

If I was a Raider fan who paid good money to see a fair contest, I'd mail the expenses to Goodell, and demand my money back. If the game was called fairly, the Raiders would have never needed Seabass to kick.

The Cards would have been shut out, with the holding calls on the kickoff return.

Roger Goodell....I hope there's a work stoppage next year. Maybe then some serious investigations into these referees can begin, and see who's really being paid off....or cashing in on bad calls.


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