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From Dog Killer to Top Dog

41473_625383667_9000_n By Terrence Smart Jr. 

Michael Vick’s life has now come full circle. The electric former number 1 overall pick in 2001, rejuvenated the Atlanta Falcons franchise, which had fell into a slumber since their 1998 super bowl appearance. In 2006, Vick led the Falcons to the NFC Championship game before succumbing to McNabbs’ Eagles.


Vick’s life took a spin for the worst when cops raided his Virginia home and uncovered an illegal dog fighting operation. Vick saw his life crumble before him; not only in the court room, but outside of it as well. Vick lost major endorsements, not to mention his NFL contract and credibility as a humane civilian. Vick served a little over a year and a half in prison and finished the rest of his 2-year sentence in halfway house.


Vick Now 2 years removed from the glory days of being an NFL star, Vick was on the slow road to recovery, filled with lawyer fees, bankruptcy and public scrutiny. After finally being reinstated, then subsequently released from the Falcons, Vick was looking for a new place to welcome him with open arms, a place where he can start over and restore his image. On a wing and a prayer, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled the strings to bring Michael Vick into their organization.


 Like a mouse walking into a snake’s pit, Vick entered the city of Philadelphia with less than a hero’s welcome, but more of a villains’ acknowledgement. Welcomed with picket signs advertising the worst messages, Vick simply laced his cleats and in 2009, Vick played in his first NFL game since 2006.


Now Vick is on the road to redemption and it’s noticed with every snap he takes. On the verge of being banned from the NFL, Vick is now causing a different type of controversy, one that has him the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, 2 years removed from prison. With the guidance of former coach Tony Dungy, and life altering lessons learned, Vick now has his life back on track and is now the “Top Dog” of his pack.


Terry Smart, Jr. is a contributing writer to the Good, Bad Ugly in Sports. Welcome aboard!


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