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Dolphins vs. Jets: Rivalry Renewed

41473_625383667_9000_n By Terry Smart Jr

When I think of Jets/Dolphins, I think of the arrogance of one franchise and the humbleness of another.  One franchise known for “the guarantee” and the other, known for its “no name defense” are only microcosms of what truly makes this rivalry unique.  Passion, desire and pride for their respective franchises are put on the line when these two teams line up across from each other, and on Sunday night, in prime time, they will do it again. 


This is a rich rivalry that goes far beyond the gridiron. This rivalry seeps into the cores of the die hard fans of both teams.  When they square off, it’s a battle of will, honor and respect.  When they line up, records are normally thrown out the window. This time around, the Dolphins are undefeated and don’t plan on losing no time soon, especially at home.  While the Jets are primed to get back to a winning record. 



With both teams eying the opportunity to put an early stronghold on the division, this upcoming match-up only heightens the back draft surrounding this game. This is a rivalry in which the Jets dominated, winning 8 straight from 1999-2003(meeting 2 times a year). However, the Dolphins have been winners of the previous 3 and are poised to keep that streak going. 


With the media frenzy surrounding the Jets organization; from Coach Ryan’s many expletive-laden interviews, the “Hard knocks’ documentary, the many off-season moves, to proclaiming themselves as the “soon to be Super bowl champs”, the arrogance in which the city stands upon just adds fuel to the fire.  While on the other hand, you have the over-achieving Dolphins whom seem poised to let the Jets do the talking while they [Dolphins] do the walking.  With high profiled, off-season additions of their own, this Dolphin team is on the verge of breaking into the NFL elite.  These two proud franchises are in the midst of the most exciting and highly anticipated season in their existence. 





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