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The Montreal Canadiens Outlook and prediction for the upcoming season

Sorry for the silence here recently and my coverage of the Montreal Canadiens. I am working on a writing project that is taking up a lot of time right now.  This article has been rolling around in my head during this time and it is one I really do not look forward to writing.  But, write it I will and I can hear the protests now.. but so be it.

During the off-season Gauthier, brilliant GM he is has done the following;

Traded Halak for two prospects.  Bad deal.  Traded SK to Nashville for for Dustin Boyd , good deal even if Boyd never plays a day for the Habs. SK was a pain in the rear. Picked up Picard and Auld... yawn.  Let Moore and Metropolit leave... bad move. 

Add to this dismal affair that Markov has another knee injury and things are beginning to really come apart.

This team is too small, now has a even more lack of firepower in the scoring department and has a goalie that is unreliable at best and it spells one heck of a disaster coming up for this season. Then add Scarey Price not signing yet (I hope he doesn't sign for I think he is the biggest pretender to the net ever) which is a major distraction and the pot begins to boil.

The first line can score, but after that it gets a bit weak on offense.  On defense Hamrlik is getting up in age and while good his time on the ice will be decreasing.  Markov being hurt will not help.  A major problem here even with Subban out there.

In Goalie its Scarey Price and Auld.... not impressive, not at all.  With the amount of goals these two so-called goalies will allow this season and with their lack of offense this will not be a final four team this season. In fact, I am gonna make the prediction now, the Montreal Canadiens will not make the playoffs and in the improved and tougher than ever division this club will struggle to stay out of last place!

So, let the howls begin but this club is going to suck this season playing in this division.  Oh, I know, if Price lives up to his hype (he hasn't so far), if Eller can live up to his expectations, if Cammalleri stays healthy, if Hamrlik can get another year of age defying playing, if, if, if, if, if......  its all a bunch of ifs. 

I'm not buying it and neither should you.  This club is going nowhere this season and while I will be rooting them on (what else can I do?) I know in my heart this is a lost season thanks to a GM who has his head so far up his butt he could pull it out for a week and still not see daylight.

Remember, I love the Canadiens as much as you, but this club isn't going anywhere and hate me if you will but you know it too.

Prediction; I am hoping they stay out of last place in the division.


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