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The Montreal Canadiens Goalies with the most wins ever

In a hundred years the Habs have had some of the greatest goalies to ever skate on the ice in front of the goal. Who was the greatest to ever don a Canadiens Jersey?  Was it Vezina?  Roy? Plante? Hainsworth? Dryden?

This is a argument that could go on forever.  Each generation of Habs fans thinks they have seen the greatest.  All we can do is compare statistics for the game has changed from Vezina's day to the present.  It is a very different game than it was 100 years ago so how can you compare.  Originally the goal tender had to stay on their feet while protecting the goal.  Nowadays they lay across the opening blocking shots. Its very, very different.

So, here is the list of the top winning goalies for the Montreal Canadiens.  For what it is worth I personally think George Hainsworth was probably the best ever. But, that is my own opinion. What is yours?

1 Jacques Plante 312
2 Patrick Roy 289
3 Ken Dryden 258
4 Bill Durnan 208
5 George Hainsworth 167
6 Michel Larocque 144
7 José Théodore 124
8 Gerry McNeil 119
9 Charlie Hodge 117
10 Rogatien Vachon 110
11 Georges Vézina 103
12 Lorne Worsley 92
13 Wilf Cude 82
14 Rick Wamsley 72
15 Brian Hayward 71
16 Jocelyn Thibault 67
  Richard Sevigny 67

As you can see, the man who put the goalie mask on the map of respectability is the top winner in Canadiens history.  Below is a picture of Jacques Plante the winningest Goal Tender in Canadiens History.



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