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Safe Bets and Current Guesses: The Raiders first week part two

As things would go, as mentioned before the Raiders have seen some good players wanting to step forward and try for a spot on the club's 53 man roster.

However, with the training camp, you do get players, for one reason or another, fall by the wayside. Injury, underperforming, sometimes the desire runs out...they affect players over time.

Darren McFadden today went down with a questionable hamstring issue. Is it serious? Enough for the coaches to keep a close look at him, so that it doesn't cause him to miss any time. Due to this, you might see the Raiders keep an extra player on the roster, just to cover the spot, should during the season this injury revisits.

Johnathan Holland, who last year was a mulituse person, went down earlier, opens more questions. Sure, Jacoby Ford might step up, or Johnnie Lee Higgins can return might need a third player for the WR can see how one player's injury can affect multiple team spots.

Oakland did see some fire start up, with a fight between Quentin Groves and Alex Daniels. This fire had been missing at times and it should be expected to ramp up....less than a week away from our first game against the Cowboys.

The fans are's going to be a fun week.


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