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Oakland after the win: Perspectives?

Depending on who you talk to, the Raiders didn't win, apparantly.

Listening to the recap from NFL Network, the announcers sounded about as intellegent as grapefruit, highlighting Tony Romo's ability to play, while deriding the Raiders who won't do well, this year.


Did someone forget to check the score?

What also was foolish for the NFL Network, is they failed to show Jerome Boyd's touchdown, which gave the Raiders a win, or the interception from Stevie Brown, that clinched the game.

While everyone wanted to point fingers at Jason Campbell's numbers, they seem to forget that Tony Romo was actually as bad, plus was sacked more times than Jason.

What tends to be annoying, is if the Raiders really would have lost, the pundits would have said, Oh, they still are not good.

Since they won, those same pundits are saying, oh, it doesn't really matter, it's the preseason, yadda yadda yadda.

Let's look at a few key things with this game, stats-wise.

Tony Romo passed for 52 yards on 4 completions, in seven attempts.

Jason Campbell passed for 49 yards, on seven completions, against 13 attempts.

Tony was sacked three times, Jason was sacked once.

Now consider that the Raiders are supposed to be horrible, and the Cowboys seem to be constantly in the playoffs.

Either the Raiders got really good this offseason....or the Cowboys looked really horrible Thursday.


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