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Gauthier puts head up butt again as he deal away yet another good goalie from Montreal Canadiens Organization!!!!

What is it with Gauthier and keeping good goalies?  The latest stupid move involves sending Desjardins 59-26-5 2.94 record with Hamilton to Tampa for Ramo who was 27-17-4 2.11 with Omsk of the KHL!  Oh yeah, what a great deal Especially when you consider Ramo has another year with Omsk yet. Also put in that Desjardins led the AHL with a 2.00 GAA, was second with shutout with 6, won the Kelly Cup in 2008 and had one heck of a season last year.

Am I being a bit forward when I ask what the living @#%^@%  your thinking Mr. Gauthier?  It looks like to me your not interested in winning at all. All you want to do is ensure Scarey Price, the second rate goalie you stuck us with, has the job for there won't be anyone else left to call upon if he doesn't make the grade, which so far he has proven he cannot do.  You have to be the worst GM in the NHL right now and this is one of the stupidest moves I've seen yet. Of course, trading Halak away ranks number one. So, I have to hand it to ya, your on a roll now.  Cant wait to see your next assinine move. 

Can I ask a serious question here?  Are you secretly employed by the Toronto Maple Leafs to help destroy not only the present but the future of the Montreal Canadiens?  *Big Middle Finger* to you Gauthier for you stink!


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