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First feelings from training camp: Oakland Edition

Ah, the wait is over!

Oakland, coming off a busy offseason, started training camp in Napa, looking forward to breaking down the roster and preparing for a winning season.

While different teams handle the training camps in different methods, Cable's "classroom" method does have it's detractors, but it also has the players who enjoy it. Getting the players all onto the same page does help them realize that they are no longer with Wisconsin, Arizona State or Florida...they are Raiders.

Two players to keep an eye on, Chaz Schilens is noted to be favoring a foot that has seen surgery twice now...Cable will take it one day at a time, to make sure nothing worse occurs.

Likewise, Louis Murphy suffered a concussion from a hit he took on Friday, and per the new rules regarding head injury, the staff is going to take it easy and see how he progresses.

One player's name that I'm thinking might be a odd's on chance to make the roster: Kellen Heard. He's big, he's hard to move, and he's five years younger than Tommy Kelly....and a whole lot cheaper, too.

Will be reporting in more often, now that the camp has opened....stay tuned!


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