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2010 Oakland Raiders: Is the Offense in trouble?

Looking at the Raiders first preseason game, the first squad looked rusty. That is expected, but not reassuring. Likewise, Oakland was missing several key players, like Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford.

Coming into the second game, Bey may be questionable, McFadden will be out, and Ford seems to have recovered from a foot injury...but it begs two questions. Can all the players get healthy at the same time, and can the Raiders improve their offense enough to bring a total team effort for the season?

It is granted that Jason Campbell is coming from a similar situation that the Raiders have been operating under, with multiple offensive coordinators, different coaches and playing styles. The WRs, primarily have been hoping for someone, anyone better than JaMarcus Russell to step forward. From the OTAs to the training camp sessions, it started to look steady.

Everything does, until live action against another opponent occurs.

Against the Cowboys, Jason looked rushed at times, missing just a bit. As his playing time increased, his accuracy started to come back, witnessed by the three efforts to Louis Murphy. One pass was off, the second hit the target but Murphy was out of bounds and the third was a nice catch.

As injuries start to pile up though, questions start to build, can the team stay healthy, together on the field long enough to make a difference?

One rumor from the mill has the Raiders looking at Torry Holt as a possible pickup. At the same time, given he was injured, would it be safe betting on a working example of walking wounded?

Tonight's game should be interesting. If the offense comes out, scores some points on the first two drives and at least scores a touchdown before the fourth quarter, it will relieve some questions from my mind...and hopefully from the Raider Nation for the season upcoming.


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