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Terrell Owens complaining about label: Does it stick?

It was amusing, but Terrell Owens' whining is wearing thin. After all, here it is, mid July and no one will pony up the money to lock down his ability to catch passes, score touchdowns and win games.

Likewise, he seems surprised that no one notices that the NFL has never disiplined him for his actions.

Could it be that people seem to remember those things that General Managers and Owners remember like a spotlight in the middle of the night?

This is the same T.O. that drove philly fans crazy, with his antics. The same guy who threw a proverbial fit when the 49ers tried to deal him to Baltimore. The same guy who wore out his welcome in Dallas, then started to show his age in Buffalo.

Well....he was still decent in Buffalo, almost matching the yards per catch average from his last season in Dallas....with half the Touchdowns, reflective of the quarterback issues in Buffalo.

Sure, there's other teams that could use Owens, even San Diego, who is going to be without Vincent Jackson....the Raiders, of course need a good, quality WR as a number one.

But, that memory of his temper tantrum in Philly is invoking nightmares....the risk and the reward has to be considered.

With TO, signing him would be conditional....that if he does anything that is a distraction, he is gone.

If he was brought into Oakland, I'd want some stronger security so his actions does not kill all the progress the Raiders have done, these last few months. 


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