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Sox Win Big

     On the heels of a couple of kick-in-the-nuts-rub-in-our-face-just-how-bad-we-look-right-now losses to Texas, the Sox win pretty in 11 Saturday night. Lackey pitches great, the bullpen (Bard, 2 innings of Papelbon, one of Thankyoujesus Delcarmen) pitched better, and the Sox play immaculate small ball to tie in the bottom of the ninth, then walk off two later. The main culprit? This mofo:

'I know what a badass I am.'

      This is the kind of win that makes you forget, if temporarily, just how bad things look right now. Also, Tampa beat up on the Yanks, so there's a full game on them. Beckett sucked against some AAA team tonight, but whatever, he'll be back and that's awesome. Buchholz will be back, then Hermida, Victor, Pedroia, Ellsbury and Varitek. Have fun selling your prospects for a Deadline boost, rest of the league. Ours come free.

      So we survive the best (or second best) pitcher in the AL, everybody looks good, more or less, the healthy clock is ticking. To paraphrase Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life: 'F@%k yeah!'

     Take care, folks.



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