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Red Sox Players Can Come Back... Healthy?


     That's right, George. It's July, and you know what that means? Three things, for the Red Sox.

     1. Annual Theo magic time: TheoCorp works a little magic every July, except for 2006. So he'd better work some this year. Anyway, that's something to look forward to.

     2. Returning players. Beckett is starting his rehab. Hermida might be ready after the break, shortly followed by Victor, and by the end of the month, we could see Pedroia and Ellsbury. I don't need to tell you how awesome this is.

     3. To quote the literary great Woody Harrelson, July will be time to nut up or shut up for our 2010 Red Sox. The Yankees are taking the Division, the Rays made us look like the AAA team we are right now, and if it keeps up, this race could be over in three weeks. Or, our guys could keep us in this mother, and when the real Boston Red Sox please stand up, we could take the Wild Card down the stretch.


     Unfortunately, there is almost nothing else exciting to report about the Red Sox. The Jays made John Lackey look like the Olympics this afternoon -- amateur. This after a big night from Jonny and the Bats, my personal favourite rock group since Def Leopard. So I don't know what to take from our recent play, especially since the Rays took three last week at the Troplease-get-Orlando-a-new-baseball-stadium.


      In better news, the Yankees, the World's Classiest Organization, not only failed to get Cliff Lee, but threw a hissy fit yesterday. Turns out, what Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik really wanted for Lee all along was Rangers prospect (and next Mark Teixeira, depending on who you ask) Justin Smoak. The Rangers held out, so Jack Z went to New York,  appearing to take their package of Jesus Montero and Dave Adams. Keeping his eye on the Rangers, he stalled, making the Yanks jump for his stick by switching the deal several times, before the Rangers blinked and added Smoak. Seattle backed out with New York and took what they wanted from Texas, leaving New York to feel cheated.

      I say good for Zduriencik -- baseball is a business and he was doing his job; the business world in 2010 is no place for handshake agreements (I don't think they actually shook hands (I wouldn't touch Brian Cashman, would you?), but you get the point). The Yankees are just upset because they got played like a fiddle and then lost. 


     Tomorrow it's Daisuke against Litsch at 1:07. Here's an idea, let's win a series against a fourth-place team.


     Thanks for coming out,



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