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Oakland or Los Angeles: Risk half the fans for a good stadium?

It is an unthinkable idea, but it has gotten more attention in the last couple months.

Oakland, with the Raiders soon to be the only team playing nin the collesium, has been trying to find a way to build or revamp its' present stadium, in an effort to keep the Raiders from moving yet again to greener pastures and packed stadium seats. Granted, when the Raiders returned to Oakland after a vacation in Los Angeles, it was to promises of packed stadiums, ticket numbers that were impressive and in turn, the Raiders would return to their winning ways.

However, when the stadium group started demanding PSLs to "secure" seats, fans were a bit turned off on the idea of purchasing the rights to buy the tickets....double dipping, to help pay off the loan needed to renovate the Raiders' current stadium.

The result, was a stadium that was not full, play well or in good condition....the bulk of which will never be paid off and the loser would be the taxpayers.

Now, these same taxpayers are looking at an ugly consdieration. Do they want to keep the Raiders? Depends on who you talk to, as some feel that the team ripped off the city, then expected the city to welcome them back (and their money) with open arms.

So fans in Oakland have to figure out how they can keep their beloved team happy, and here.

Meanwhile, the city of Los Angeles, fighting like mad to lure any team possible out to the new project being designed to the south. There is no shortness of teams that both need a better stadium, but suffer from small crowds. Buffalo, San Diego, Oakland and even Minnesota have been fighting for survival in tiny parks, or in metro areas that have declined to pony up serious money to build a new stadium deal.

Some thought that maybe the Raiders could stay, if they made a deal with Santa Clara, to share a park like the Giants and Jets do....a pact with the Devil, just seems horribly wrong.

Also, two clubs do have ties to the Los Angeles area. The Chargers were originally in the market, their first year in existence, before moving south....and everyone knows the Raiders, the only team to win a Super Bowl in LA.

The grand question, would be about Al Davis. Would he want to move the club, one more time? Or did he get the wanderlust out of his system this last time, and learned his lesson, by returning to Oakland, the tteam's proper home?

Only time will tell...but I would rather see the Raiders in Oakland. Leave the faithful?

Heaven forbid.


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