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MMA Slant's EXCLUSIVE Interview with MMA Fighter Jon Williams!


Jon Williams is an up and coming MMA Fighter with dreams to make it to the top.  That trip has to start somewhere and after two solid years of preparation Jon will enter the ring Friday July 23rd at NEW BREED FIGHTERS XXXI at Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The MMA Slant caught up to Jon after a tough preparation session and he took some time out to answer a few questions.


The MMA Slant’s - Meet the Fighters:

MTR Media:  Jon, what sports or activities where you involved in growing up in New Jersey?

Williams: ...I started wrestling at age 5 and that’s what I lived for growing up.

MTR Media:  MMA fighting is not for the faint of heart, how did you get started in MMA fighting?

Williams:  ...I started Jiu-Jitsu about 2 years ago and watching MMA on television.  It just so happened that my Jiu-Jitsu school had a great MMA team, so I thought I’d try it out and I fell in love.

MTR Media:  How does it feel to get into the ring that first time?

Williams: …This will be my first fight.  I train with some of the best in the business and after training with them; the fight shouldn’t be much harder.

MTR Media:  You trained in South Florida for some time, where did you train?

Williams:  …Gracie Barra, West Palm Beach.

MTR Media:  You now train with Ricardo Almeida, how did you connect with him?

Williams:  …I wanted to train under a Gracie affiliate and I wanted to train with the best so I decided to make the commute of 45 minutes each day to do that.

MTR Media:  MMA is a big commitment; do you have a good support structure? (team, family, friends, etc.)


Williams: …My team is my friends.  I really don’t have time for anyone else.  It’s difficult to have friends sometimes in this sport.  My family is everything to me.  They are my biggest supporters and deal with me cutting weight and my mood swings through fight time.  They also keep me as sane as possible through the process.


MTR Media:  Your opponent at NEW BREED FIGHTERS XXXI is Mike Annarella who fights with Team Reckless out of Holbrook, NY, what do you know about him, what kind of fighter is he?

Williams: …I don’t know much about him.  From what I know, I think he is a wrestler.

MTR Media:  As you start your MMA career, which fighters do you look up to present and past?

Williams:  …My heroes of the sport are Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, and Royce Gracie.  I love watching their old fights.

MTR Media:  Which name MMA fighters have you met or gotten to work with?

Williams:  …The well known people I’ve got to train with consist of Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Frankie Edgar, Rolls Gracie, Dante Rivera, Nick Catone, and Chris Ligouri.

MTR Media:  Thanks for taking time to talk to us! Good Luck in AC and beyond!


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