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MLB Trade Deadline: Four Moves That Would Improve the White Sox


By Cregen McMinn

As the trade deadline approaches, we as fans are left to surf the net looking for the latest news (true or not) about what our team is looking to do.

For White Sox fans it's been one of the most exciting parts of the season. Not only are the White Sox playing their best ball of the year, but Kenny seems to be in on every big name hitter available. Adam Dunn? He wants him. Prince Fielder? How much you looking for Milwaukee? The corpse of Babe Ruth? You can put it on the boooooard, YES!

After wading through all the rumors and making sure to keep an eye on the present as well as the future, I've come up with four moves that would not only put the Sox over the top in the AL Central, but it would put them in serious contention for a World Series title this season as well as the next.

Acquire Luke Scott from the Orioles


There are many intriguing aspects about Luke Scott becoming a 4th OF/ DH for the White Sox.

1. He's left handed.
2. He hits for power (17 HR this season, 65 over the last 2+)
3. He's cheap and under team control for two more years.

So where do the Sox sign up?

Acquiring Scott would not only significantly improve the DH spot in the Sox lineup this year as well as in the future, but he also wouldn't cost the Pale Hose nearly as much as Adam Dunn would.

Oh, and unlike Dunn if you stick him in the field he can actually field his position. Crazy concept.

Acquire Ted Lilly from the Cubs


I know I know, "Sox fans are supposed to hate Cubs players!"

Well, I don't.

Ted Lilly suits the White Sox for a few reasons.

1. He's on a team who is looking to sell and isn't as expensive as a top of the rotation starter.

2. He's as consistent of a starter as anyone who's still available.

3. He's left handed.

4. He's a free agent after the season.

To address my first point, I know Lilly won't come cheap. But keep in mind that if he leaves in free agency (the Sox would likely be fine with that) at the very least he'll be a type B free agent, and it's possible he'll be a Type A FA. That would mean the White Sox would get TWO first-round picks if he signed somewhere else. Not bad for a rent-a-player.

Lilly would slot in nicely as the 4th starter for the rest of the season and would sure look a lot nicer than Freddy Garcia going out there for game 4 in the ALCS.

Send Dayan Viciedo back down to the minors


I've been a huge Viciedo fan from the minute the Sox signed him to a 4 year/ $10 million contract.

I mean come on, his nickname was "The Cuban Babe Ruth".

He's certainly shown his power potential in his brief time up with the big club.

The problem is, there's no room for him on this team.

Omar Vizquel has apparently found the fountain of youth, and with Mark Teahen returning soon Viciedo's infrequent starts will become even less frequent.

I've never played in the majors, or managed a team. But I feel safe in saying that young players don't improve by sitting on the bench. That's why the minor leagues are there. Younger players need to PLAY to develop.

I was all in favor of bringing Viciedo up to give him a taste of the big leagues. Now it's time to send him down to continue to work on his bat as well as his glove in preparation for next season when a lot more will be expected of him.'

Find a left handed reliever: ANYONE


If someone were to poll fans and get "approval ratings" for White Sox players, Matt Thornton would likely have one of the higest ratings on the team.

He's a versatile left who can pitch the 7th, 8th, or 9th.

The problem is, there's only one quality lefty in the White Sox pen and Thornton is it.

Every team needs a LOOGY: Left handed one out guy.

NOW is the time to get that guy, so that Thornton can pitch the 8th or 9th if need be and not have to worry about needing to come in the 7th because a tough lefty is coming up with guys on base.

Good LOOGY's don't come cheap at the deadline, but that's because a good LOOGY is an important part of any championship caliber team.

Time to sit back and wait


For now it's time to wait and see. I'm confident that the acquisitions I talked about can be done without trading Hudson or Beckham while also keeping the White Sox in position to compete in the AL Central for years to come.

I have the same type of faith in Kenny that have I have in Chicago taxi cab drivers. I know they're very good at what they do, far better than I would be doing their job.

But they still make me a little nervous.


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