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Minor's Chris Jones has change of heart, Auburn no longer on top

by Brooks Webb, Senior Writer, Auburn Eagle

One of the state's top defensive backs, Chris Jones (Minor HS) has long been considered an Auburn lean, but this week that all changed. Find out what happened and if Auburn still has a chance inside.

It's been no secret that Chris Jones loved Auburn. He liked the atmosphere, how it wasn't all football with the coaches, and just felt Auburn would be a good fit for him.

In early June, Jones said Auburn held a lead over Florida, and it was a "pretty big gap between the two schools." This week though, it's back to square one for Auburn and the talented secondary prospect.

"Right now I feel like I jumped into this a little early. I'm planning to take more official visits now than I was. I'll probably take four to six officials towards the beginning of my season," said Jones.

This wasn't necessarily a spur of the moment deal for Jones, as he's been thinking about this for some time. "It's been weighing on me, and I thought it was time I went ahead and started over with a new direction," he added. "Everyone right now it equal. I'm more involved with Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida, and Tennessee more than I was. I know more than I need about Auburn, but at this point I'm not leaning on anyone. Everyone is going to have a chance," Jones said.

Auburn was considered a heavy favorite for two in-state defensive prospects, Jones and Leeds standout Jonathan Rose. The two are good friends, and have talked many times about the thought of playing together. "I talked to Jonathan and told him how I felt, and he wants me to come play with him, but at the same time wants me to go to a school where I like and I want that for him too," said Jones. While Rose will make his decision August 1st, it doesn't appear that will happen for Jones anytime soon.

Asked if Auburn will get one of his four to six official visits, Jones said he wasn't sure. "I don't know, probably so, probably not at this point. I'm really not sure. Right now I just don't know with my mindset," he said. 

Is Auburn completely out of the race? As of yesterday, that's what many were assuming, however, Jones says that simply "isn't true."

"Everyone is bringing something to the table. For Auburn, it's not really what they have to do, it's just my feeling of them right now. Keeping in contact is really the best thing they can do right now to keep them with everyone else," Jones said on what it will take for Auburn to stay in the running.

And so it goes with recruiting, where one day you have a solid favorite, and the next day you take a different path. Regardless, it's a long way until Signing Day, and with Auburn as such a heavy favorite at one point, the door is still cracked for the Tigers.

Photo Credit:  (The Birmingham News / Bernard Troncale)



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