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JaMarcus Russell: Dead man walking?

Just when you didn't think there could be any more good news with Russell...

A couple days ago, the millionaire that Al Davis created, was caught in a sting, regarding a controlled substance, Codeine Syrup. While the full details continue to surface, it becomes increasingly clear that Russell doesn't seriously want back into the NFL.

After all, what can he gain?

He's already rich, unless his lifestyle had him spend through the millions he got from Uncle Al. Or the desire to prove that the coaching in Oakland was at fault, like his coaches have tried to say, time and again.

As it is, I can imagine that the league will first of all slap down a suspension on Russell, for either a couple games or maybe for a season, depending on the logics. Since it was his first offense, probably nothing major.

Then, a team would have to pick him up, set him in an open third string QB spot, and hope he doesn't do anything else foolish, like teach others how to be foolish.

Maybe after two or three years, they'll give him his last chance...if he gets one.

Personally, his actions pretty much confirmed two major problems in the give rookies too much money on the hope they will earn it, you're likely not to get a good return on the investment, nine times out of ten. Second, that without a salary cap for rookies, the risk is a painful one to guess against.


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