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Happy Second Half!

       So much to say. Uhh, let's start with a moment of silence for George Steinbrenner. Whether you're a Sox or a Yankees fan reading the blog, I want you to recognize the George did a lot for fans of his own franchise, and did a lot for the development of baseball. I think he has increased emphasis on winning all over the sports world in the last 30-odd years, and I can't complain about that. He was also a pretty classy guy, able to laugh at himself, and some of my favourite moments from the Jimmy Fund NESN/WEEI Radio Telethon were him calling in and donating large amounts to the Jimmy Fund.

     Next - the AL sucks, and I'm pissed at how Girardi managed the game. A-Rod should have gotten into the game in the 9th, and I don't think he got Yankee pitchers enough innings. (Sarcasm)

     Most importantly - David Ortiz is a bad man. Not like Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, Leroy Brown, or Al Capone, or Leo Major, or Brad Penny. He's just... the baddest man. After winning the Home Run Derby Monday night, a veritable middle finger to the collective media that announced his death a few months ago, he had this to say on Boston's beat-up but relatively successful first half:

"Like I always tell you guys, this is a long season and anything can happen. Anything can happen. We have guys in this clubhouse that are able to play the game and they're here for a reason. You play 162 games and we're just over halfway home. Whatever happened in those first 80-something games means nothing. All I know is there are some more to play, so it's on."

     Timmeh just allowed 6 runs in the first to Texas, but it's OK. Rally caps, and let's get 'em tomorrow.

     Thanks for coming out,



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