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Carey Price and the coming rebellion

Carey Price the supposed goaltender of the Montreal Canadiens still hasn't signed with the Habs and the rumor is he wants more money than the Habs want to pay.  News Flash to you Carey Price you ain't earned jack shit yet especially since half of our readers could shoot a puck past you. Heck half of them probably could shoot a watermelon past you.....

I know I've bitched about this a ton but enough is enough.  Gainey and Gauthier you are freeking idiots for how you handled this. Its bad enough you gave up a damn good goalie for absolutely nothing this coming season but you also gave away your leverage in signing Price and saving money in the process. This is basic 101 on how not to handle things and if I were the boss Gauthier you would be fired and Gainey you wouldn't get within a mile of the Habs.

Besides the sheer stupidity of this now you got a Goalie who hasn't earned a damned thing or performed up to the level of the goalie you GAVE away, wanting top dollar to be your Goalie.  You've set yourselves up for a disaster this season with no improvement on the offense which kept you hampered all season and gave up the guy who kept you going to the final four by his great play in front of the net.

So, now you have a goalie of lesser quality and no improvements on a club in a division that has had a lot of improvements to most of the other teams.  When the dust settles from this season you will have a huge rebellion from the fans on your hands and that rebellion is already starting with the fan reaction to your Halak mistrade and now in the Montreal Gazette with this , that and also this.

ITs already beginning and the only thing that will quiet it down is if you make the final four this season. Guess what this club ain't gonna get there.  So, be ready for the outcry is gonna be big and only grow as the season progresses.  When you don't make the final four the torches will come out and the finger pointing will begin and your gonna get it from the fans. Whats going to be really sad is that most likely the Habs will not make the playoffs this season. Hell, you barely made it by backing in last season and in a division that has improved teams your chances are even less now for you will have more injuries next season (that was the favorite excuse, remember dear readers?) just like ALL teams do.

What hurts the most is I am going to have to watch this debacle happen to my favorite team.  Oh well, come playoff time I will be able to watch something like perhaps baseball for thanks to you Gauthier and Gainey the Habs will have a long season. If anyone out there actually thinks this team can get to the final four..... well I have some nice beachfront property in the Sahara Desert for you to buy.

The only bright spot to this is that perhaps the new ownership will hear us fans and fire the whole front office and be done with these mistrades that have been going on for years..

I am sure the Carey Price cult will come out to support him but when you can show me where he led this team to the final four, when his numbers passed Halak, I will listen. He hasn't proven jackshit yet and to even think he can lead this team anywhere with his lousy goaltending is sheer folly. I agree with the one post in the Gazette, by the end of next season he will not be the goal tender for the Habs.... not unless they want to see a full scale rebellion during a game ...... I only wonder if it will before they are officially out of the playoffs of after.....

excuse me while I make plans for some sort of other entertainment during next year's playoffs.

Stanley Cup
They won;t be holding this in Montreal after the next season... thank you Gauthier and Gainey.


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