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Weekend Notes

Just a few things here to talk about folks.

First is the growing Volchenkov talks. Even though I was reporting last week that a contract with Washington was unlikely according to an insider Washington scoop. Now I am hearing and getting different stories. Volchenkov's house in Ottawa is for sale and he has even been spotted in Washington on a couple of occasions. And more and more Washington insiders are reporting that a contract with Washington is very likely. So it still seems like Volchenkov will not be back next year in an Ottawa uniform.

Regards to all the Spezza talk as well, even though Bryan Murray made it clear that Spezza isn't being shopped around, Murray's phone lines are still open to anything for anybody. Another Senators insider has heard that Boston has made a phone call inquiring about Spezza. Now you would have to wonder what Boston is willing to give up here. I'd have to say that the 2nd overall pick in this years draft might make the list of assets to trade.

The NHL is about to open up a two week window for NHL teams to make buyouts if they so please. Reports are saying that Cheechoo might be one bought out. Murray plans on talking with Cheechoo before making any decisions, but there really isn't a whole bunch of offers out there for him. I will have to keep you informed on that one as well.

Check out for goal of the year canadiadte, as Peter Regin has made it all the way to the finals to face off against Daniel Sedin for goal of the year! VOTE VOTE VOTE!


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