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Ocean Springs WR Joe Morrow has Auburn at the top, but not by much

Morrow Joseph Morrow is a huge target on the field and on the recruiting path, so it’s easy to see why he holds offers from an array of top schools.

Standing at 6’5’’ and 200 lbs, Morrow’s stats aren’t mind blowing, but that’s because he plays in a run-first offense. So technically, that makes his numbers even more impressive. Morrow hauled in 11 touchdowns for Ocean Springs High in Mississippi last season.

Morrow was scheduled to make it to Big Cat Weekend, but wasn’t able to come down. “I wasn’t able to make it down there, but I plan on coming another weekend. It will probably be in the next two weeks,” said Morrow.

Auburn held the lead for Morrow a few short months ago, and that hasn’t changed. “Auburn’s still at the top. They have another great quarterback coming in, and I’ve read a lot about Newton. I know they also have some receivers that will be graduating in the next two years, and the coaches have told me I could come in and contribute right away,” Morrow told MTR Auburn.

How safe is Auburn’s lead? “Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and LSU are behind Auburn. I’d say they’re all really close together, and not too far behind Auburn. It’s going to come down to where I feel the most comfortable. So far, that’s been at Auburn,” he said.

For a 6’5’’ guy, Morrow has great speed. Scout reports his speed as a 4.6, but he’s sneaky quick. “The coaches told me they can see me as return guy, and an inside and outside receiver. Everyone says Coach Malzahn is the best offensive coordinator in the nation. I know his offense is tough, but I would want to come in and learn and help the team as quick as I could,” Morrow added.

Auburn showed Morrow something different than other schools he’s talked to, and that something is Trooper Taylor. “Coach Taylor and I have a really good relationship. We talk whenever we can, and we talk about a lot of stuff. It’s not always about football, and sometimes it’s never about football. We talk about life and school and everything really,” he said.

Morrow said he doesn’t have any official summer plans as far as camps go, but he’s going to make a decision around late December or early January. That’ll be a nice Christmas present for one lucky program.

Where will that be? “I’m looking for somewhere that feels like home. Somewhere that I know will feel like that, and somewhere that I’ll be a part of a family.”

Auburn may have gotten a good jump on Morrow, and can only go up from here. MTR Auburn and Auburn Eagle will keep you updated on Morrow throughout the summer.


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