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Oakland's opponents: Denver 101

Looking at who we play in the AFC West, Oakland's first and most favorite target comes from the mile high city. Denver, who started play in the AFL with the Raiders in 1960, has had some really hard-fought battles with the Raiders, where the Silver and Black own the head-to-head, by 15 wins.

Without thinking, Denver fans will instantly retort that they have won the last Super Bowl in the AFC West, dating back to when Elway retired...but like any good Raider fan, you can reply, ya, but these last two guys perfected the epic fail....twice.

After a couple of days, both fans would pass out in frustration....ok, we get it, you hate each other....pure and simple.

Denver, in the last couple months has seen several things happen, ranging from trading away Brandon Marshall, then ditched Tony Scheffler.

Ok, both players had 132 catches for Denver. Denver had a total of 341 total catches, counting passes to running backs.

You take away 132 catches....your team is going to be wondering, where did our offense go?

The Ryan Clady injury could be another question, given his value last year. Orton was sacked 29 times, but for the first six weeks, Orton could have baked a pie in the backfield without a problem.

Then the wheels fell off.

Depending on how Ryan Clady comes back, it could prove troublesome for protection reasons.

Then comes the question if the Broncos will look at Tim Tebow as the next great QB.

Denver fans have been fed this line for years..."the next John Elway".

Brian Griese? Nope.

Jake Plummer? Nope.

Jay Cutler? Nope.

Kyle Orton? Not yet.

Tim Tebow?

Does anyone else see a pattern?

Denver's major bragging point, usually their cornerback, has been so-so last year. Teams learned to either target the other side of the field, or get creative over the middle. Some would say this is where the Broncos' season died.

How will this season's matchup pan out?

Last two years, Denver and Oakland have split, both team winning in the other team's home stadium. Denver would win in Oakland, then the Raiders would win in Denver, usually knocking Denver out of playoff consideration.

I'm thinking Oakland is due for a sweep.


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