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NBA Final Prediction

Normally if the Chicago Bulls aren't doing the two step in the NBA Finals, I refuse to watch it.  Over the years I have embraced being an NBA fan in general.  I can't get to caught up with my dedication to my team.  I do that, and then I become sullen and bitter.  As men all we do is talk about sports.  Yes we are dedicated to our teams.   But as a general consensus among most men, we talk about the game.  Hey some guys have their favorites.    Whether its Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Hockey.  Hey you have guys that go the international route in regards to Soccer. (btw World Cup is around the corner).  Those same sports are followed in the college level as well.   Golf and Tennis are not a general topic of discussion among the fellows.  Either way how many times when a friend or co-worker ask me how I feel about last nights game and my general sharp response is "if the Bulls aren't playing, I'm not watching".  Thats being stubborn and ignorant.  I have grown past that in many ways.

So in one corner representing the Eastern Conference, we have the Boston Celtics, one of the winning est franchises in NBA history.   Versus the defending NBA World Champions coming out of the West, the Los Angeles Lakers.  These two franchises have a rivalry that goes back like forever.  The faces and characters may have changed, but the tension between the two squads remain the same.  As for my prediction, Lakers in seven.  Yes I said it, the Lakers.   No bias, or how I feel about certain individuals on each team swayed my decision.   Why the Lakers?   Because I believe in the system.  The formula that I have grown used to over the years.  The same formula that used to carry the Bulls to dominate in the 90's and ring off six championships.  The front man for that is Phil Jackson (the Zen Master).  Some would say "so what, that means squat".  The Lakers are about to go up against a Celtic team that possibly has three Hall of Famers: Garnett, Pierce, and Allen.  Those same Celtics dusted the Lakers when they met back in the 08' final.  These Celtics knocked off Lebron James and the Cavaliers who were expected to be the featured match up against the Lakers in this years finals.  In addition the Celtics ran over Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Final.  Everyone had the Celtics done in the early rounds, yet they flexed their muscles and powered through all the favorites.  This perception of doubt was partly because they felt that the Celtics power houses consisting of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Rasheed Wallace were on the other side of their careers.  Father time seemed to be catching up with them, and they looked like they were slowing down.  Rightfully so, you can see they were on their last leg.   With a bit of late season strategy from their Head Coach Doc Rivers, the Celtics were able survive and make it to the final.  Then again, how long can they keep this up and have they played themselves to be ripe for the kill. Something with experience Phil Jackson has been known to do.  Go for the kill.  He will find some way to maneuver the Lakers to beat on the Celtics.  If there is blood in the water, Kobe Bryant is going to go nuts. 

The Celtics have a collection of health issues on their squad.  As for the Lakers their main issue is Andrew Bynum and his knee.  So health and energy wise it definitely favors the Lakers.  As for mentality, thats an even scale.  Both teams are hungry.  But I may have to tip the scale a bit over to the Lakers.  Reason being, there are a lot of guys that were on that 08' squad that got embarrassed by the Celtics who are chomping at the bit and want revenge.  Especially Laker guard Kobe Bryant.  Kobe of all players want nothing better then to destroy the Celtics.   For him and the other Lakers to cement their legacy as one of the greatest teams in NBA history, they have to beat Boston.   Its bad enough they were crushed two years ago.  If Boston does it again, their reign as a team will be an embarrassment.   Tradition mandates that the Lakers beat the Celtics, and beat them soundly.  I still think the Celtics have enough left in the tank to survive seven games.  I know the Celtics won't roll over easy.  But if this NBA Finals is going to be brutal like I think it would be, I really have to give the edge to the Lakers.  Before I call it a night, key players from both teams:  Rajon Rondo of the Celtics with his improved play.  Ron Artest of the Lakers first opportunity to win an NBA Championship.   Game 1 tonight.  nuff said.....


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