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Domino Rally: Does the Raiders' First game get that much easier?

Early in the offseason the news that Chris Johnson might be holding out for more money was a nice song to the faithful in Oakland. Can you imagine the Titans playing without their running machine?

How about we make the image better, by removing Vince Young?

Nothing has been said, regarding Young's most recent scrap with trouble, but in this day and age, with Sheriff Goodell in town, even spitting on the sidewalks seems a risky venture.

Sure, while Young's action isn't as bad as say, shooting yourself in the leg, or getting into trouble with an underage girl, I'm sure he has been well-informed by his posse that Young's actions were not proper for an NFL young star.

Or in Young's case, a lot of hope, but not much on the delivery.

From the news on what happened, video has surfaced, of Young involved in a fight, inside a strip club. First talking with some people, then Young going after a guy in the room...earning him a citation from the local police, a small deal, normally.

But again, this isn't your dad's football era.

Should Young be unable to QB, the task would fall down to former Raiders QB Kerry Collins, Rusty Smith or Chris Simms, depending on who is the backup QB after the preseason is all done.

Of course, the other action, is that Goodell does nothing....and then life goes on.

Stay tuned.


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