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Darrelle Revis Vs Nnamdi Asomugha: Who is better?

This debate has been flaring up in the last few months, but then, it is always a question. Who is better?

Sometimes Champ Bailey's name is tossed out there, and then properly tossed out, as not being close.

Some cite the fact that teams typically will not throw to Nnamdi's side, out of respect. This is understandable, as in past cases, the Raiders have had some really great corners to that effect. Likewise, people will point to Darrelle Revis and mutter, "but look at his stats....Revis catches interceptions!".

That is all fine and dandy....but if you can't even get the opposing team to throw at you, what are you supposed to do, go sack the QB?

Sure, the other argument that comes up is people claiming that Revis is better, because his team made it into the playoffs, while Oakland has been stuck in a rut.

Sorry, one player, does not make up the entire team. You can have great players, but without a full effort that one player does not make the entire team better.

If that was the case, Ray Guy should have won us another 3 super bowls.

Lastly, is probably where Asomugha shines and Revis falters.

Revis was recently seen acting like a baby, not wanting to practice and going around in a huff, because he wants more money.

Did Asomugha act like that?

No, Aso simply kept quiet on most occasions. When he was slapped with the franchise tag, he didn't mope and pout, he simply let his playing ability speak for himself....and it spoke volumes.


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