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Weekend Notes

Some more little news on the Volchenkov front.

Volchenkov will be becoming an UFA on July 1, which most of you know. His camp is going to want big dollars for the big man, but the problem Ottawa is having is not the dollars necessarily, but the years.

Volchenkov is reportedly looking for a long term, 5 year contract. Ottawa only wants to give him 4 years. What I'm thinking here, and I'm only a kid from Canada with a computer and a blog, is why wouldn't Volchenkov just settle for the 4 years if that's the only problem? I mean, everybody is still going to want your services anyway when this time comes again, and who knows, you might be worth more?! Anyway, we will see how this plays out in a months time.

The whole Volchenkov is selling his house, the first step out of Ottawa, that is being denied right now. He has it up for sale and is looking to relocate....within the city of Ottawa. Maybe things are looking up??

On the whole trading his rights issue as well, apparently there is little to no interest on that front, so says a source close to Bryan Murray. Murray will look into every possible option to get something for him, but to me me it looks like your going to have to sign him, or part ways, you pick...

The NHL draft combine has also started. I have been floating around the inter-web trying to find some notes about who the Senators are looking into, but nothing yet. I'm hoping to find a little more as the week carries on.

I will keep all you fellow readers informed when I am!


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