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Ryan Madson Should Be Fined!

IMG_5199 Ryan Madson decided to take out his frustration on a chair after blowing his second save of the year on Wednesday. The Philadelphia Phillies reliever broke his toe in the process and was placed on the 15 day disabled list. While Madson's frustration was shared by every Phillies fan watching the game, kicking a chair is hardly an acceptable action for an athlete who risked his team's chances of winning by doing something that could and did injure him. Madson should not be paid for the time he misses and the Phillies should fine him for his behavior.

It is inexcusable that Madson's temper has cost the team their set up man. While Madson is no closer, he is one of the best set up men in the game. For a team that has a questionable bullpen at best, he is needed now more than ever to be a bridge to whoever the team finds to close games for them.

Admittedly the Phillies continue to use Madson in the wrong way. He is not a closer and if the Phillies continue to try to use him in that role, he may lose all confidence and be no good to the team at all. If the Phillies needed a warning that using him in the wrong roll might be messing with his head, this broken toe is certainly it.

Regardless, there is no excuse for kicking a chair, breaking his toe, and winding up on the disabled list. Ryan Madson should not be paid for time he misses and the Phillies should fine him for his actions. Fining him will not only teach him a much needed lesson but will also serve as a statement to the rest of the team. Control your emotions, be responsible for your actions, and pay the consequences when you act like an idiot!


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