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Chris Johnson's temper tantrum: Raiders delight?

I love it when football players forget they play for a team.

Oakland, looking at their first four games, are going to start against the Titans, in Tennessee.

The game may have just gotten a whole lot easier, as Chris is whining about his salary.

Granted, MR Uber-runner helped get the Titans back from oblivion, rushing for over 2000 yards....but let's face it, greed wrapped around this guys' head like a viper, strangling off any rational thought.

Could you imagine if his idea of economy worked in everyday life? The cashier, who has worked all day, now deserves to have your bill for groceries cost twice as much.


Pure and simple, he wants to cash in on a great season. Fine and dandy. Oakland is going to love having the Titans at less than half power to start the year and be able to treat it like an extra week of preseason.

I come from an old school of thought, that if you sign a contract, you should honor it and then take your experience to the bargaining table. Don't demand money before the deal is shows just what is going wrong with the system of football as we know it.

So personally, Chris....stay on the sidelines, scream for your money, teach those greedy owners you deserve more.

The Raiders are behind you....playing the game.


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