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Halak's effort last night

What a game last night!  What a performance by Halak!  53 shots on goal and he had only one get by.  But, thats not the total story.  I saw in awe last night with my mouth hanging open at some of those saves he made. The man was in a zone and he was focused like I never saw before. Some are saying this was the best goal tending in the playoffs ever. I don;t know about that, but it definitely was one of the best!

Halak stopped 18 shots in the first period. Then the Caps stormed the goal for real.  In the second they got off 14 shots to the Habs 3 and then in the third they let loose with a assault that was withering. 22 shots on goal and Jaroslav stood his ground stopping 21 of the 22 shots! 

Last night they said a new decibel level for noise was set. A Rock concert held the previous record at 130 and the crowd last night hit 132! I believe it.... I know I was standing and cheering while my collies were barking their approval also. 

The most moving moment last night however was after Fehr finally scored the fans stood and cheered Halak for over a minute for his great  effort!  What a game and what a great effort by Jarosalv Halak!

now, stop and think about this. Halak stopped 8 shots by Ovechkin. I had to laugh when after one of his shots Halak gloved it and waved it in the air as if to say now way buddy! Got it!  Corvo got off 10 shots and Halak got all of them also! Semin had 7, Laich 6, Green 6 and only Fehr with three could get one in.

The shot that Fehr got in it looked like Halak lost the puck temporarily in the crowd in front of the net and when he saw it it was just too late. 

Was it the best goalkeeping ever in the playoffs?  If it was we saw history last night. Even it it wasn't the best ever, we still saw a terrific and historical effort by the man who should be the starting goalie for the Montreal Canadiens from this point on. No ifs, ands or buts. 

If Halak can put forth the same effort on Wednesday night it could be a very interesting game!  Till then, lets all raise a beverage of our choice to Jaroslav Halak, one of the great goalies of this season!  WAY TO GO HALAK!!!!

Below are his numbers;

PP    SH          Total      TOI

   J. Halak (W) 33 - 34  18 - 18     2 - 2          53 - 54     59:42


Halak! His goal tending got the Habs here and they have come back partly because of his great efforts!


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