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Blow Up Your Boxes!

Most of us today think in compartments.  There is the "family" compartment, the "work" compartment, the "recreation" compartment, the "friends and family" compartment, and so on and so forth.  This way of thinking affects the way we view Christianity and spirituality.  We think (and do) things like:  "I go to church on this particular day at this particular building", "I wear this particular type of clothing during the week; but not at my house of worship on that particular day", "church becomes something I do (I am going to church) instead of something I am (I am the church--the body of Christ).

Christianity and spirituality are not compartmentalized.  Christianity is meant to include all of life.  Jesus said:  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength..."  In other words:  Love God with all that you are in the fullness of who God made you to be.

Allow your religious boxes and compartments to be broken and come to know God in all you are and in all you do!  Love Him at every moment, in every way, and at every opportunity!  Offer all of your life as a living sacrifice to Him and see Him blow your boxes!! Cardboard-boxes-in-a-pile-web


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