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A statement about Ben's statement...

It's gotta be a tough time to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. How do you keep your street cred when your starting QB makes John Rocker look like a thinking man? And this is what bugs me most about Big Ben's statement, and I quote, and this is an actual quote, I know that it sounds so idiotic that you'd have every right to say to yourself, "self, he's got to have written this himself", but I didn't; "I am accountable for the consequences of my actions. Though I have committed no crime..." What the ever loving hell does that even mean? I take responsibility for the fact that I did nothing illegal? Huh? Ok, so he's trying to cover his own ass from the soon to follow civil suit that this young lady will file, but please don't say such insulting crap to the rest of us. And apparently now you realize that constantly taking Mr. Happy out of his cradle in front of any gal there to witness it is not something your parents taught you. Well done, sir! What kind of freakish family values are you implying? My favorite thing about this situation is how he can get the suspension down to 2 games with good behavior. Really Mr. Goodell? I love your actions for the most part, but what does Ben have to do? Not rape someone? Keep his favorite pet snake in it's cage? Stop walking around with a haircut that Billy Ray Cirus thinks is gay? Let's just man up here and call it a 4 game suspension and not make it seem like Roethlisberger has changed into a good guy, because he's not. A note to all you big time playa's out there; every gal that you treat like that has a father, and sooner or later you're going to mess with somebodies daughter that you shouldn't have and get shot in the head. That's not tough talk, that's a fact. I know plenty of dad's who would already have put you under the ground for that kind of behavior. Let's hope that somehow Big Ben does find the Lord. I know I'm usually against that kind of stuff, but in this case he needs help, and a lot of help, and clearly from a higher power than Roger Goodell.  


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