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8 Reasons Why Donovan McNabb Was Never Embraced by Philadelphia

Someone the other day asked me why some Philly fans "hated" Donovan McNabb? So even though it's a bit late, I put together a few reasons, that I believe, lent themselves to Donovan not being loved by some Philly fans.

There seem to be no gray areas with old #5 either. You either loved him... or you didn't. This article is not so much about MY opinion on Donovan, as it is my observations about why people may not have embraced him. Bear that in mind.

This is just my opinion of why some Philly fans did not like Donovan McNabb.
1.) Right or wrong, the fans in Philly wanted Ricky Williams... Not Donovan. Hence the whole booing of him on draft day.
2.) While Donovan was here he played well enough to usually send us to the playoffs, but always seemed to buckle under the pressure of the big game. Hence the 1-4 record in NFC Championship Games. He was seen as a choker.
3.) When Donovan would throw a late interception, call a timeout when he had none left, forget that there was such a thing a tie in the NFL, or somehow otherwise ruin a game, he could always be seen smiling on the sidelines. That's something the rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
4.) He made stupid faces all the time
5.) He never accepted accountability for losing. He would always blame the loss on something else and never once in 10 years said "I messed up." If he had, no one here would have had a problem with it. Just say what it is and move on.
6.) For as strong an arm as he had, he was incredibly inaccurate and had no touch. He threw the ball at 100MPH whether you were 50 yds downfield or 2 feet away. And more times than I care to remember threw the ball at a receiver's feet or 8 feet over his head.
7.) He could not hit a receiver in stride.
8.) He could not throw a pass in the slot.

I'm sure there may have been other reasons. And let there be no doubt that statistically, Donovan McNabb was the best QB in Eagles history. He also engineered the franchise's most successful stretch, compiling 5 NFC Championship Game appearances and one Super Bowl appearance in 2004.


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