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Sox Shore Up Shortstop Hole

     Number 8. The Red Sox have signed yet another shortstop to throw into the mix that has been their Achilles heel since trading franchise player Nomar Garciaparra. Last Thursday the Red Sox signed free agent shortstop Marco Scutaro to fill in the position last filled by Alex Gonzalez. Or Jed Lowrie was going to fill it. Well, I guess Julio Lugo was supposed to be the starting shortstop there last year. Though Nick Green had the most starts. Lord.

     That kind of turntable is why the Red Sox signed Scutaro, who will be 34. As it was, the most likely candidate to start Opening Day for Boston was Jed Lowrie, who has been either unhealthy or unproductive at the major league career since joining the team in mid-2008. Lowire has had a rough go of it so far in his big-league career, playing most often with a bum wrist.

     Marco Scutaro brings solid defense, versatility, and patience at the plate above everything else. There are a lot of question marks considering his age, but this will only be his second season as an everyday player. I think we sit back and ohpe for a .350 OBP and some nice defense.

     He was only signed for two guaranteed years at $12.5 MM, so I can stomach it if he fails, though with his history, this will be his first real shot at both a full-time job and a ring, so I think he will be hungry enough to not be affected as much as Renteria and Lugo were in Boston. Also, he has a penchant for big hits, so hopefully he can ignore the town's pressure.

     Look, sorry it took so long to get this out, but I'm more than busy in exam season. Expect a more in-depth analysis of this signing, and the shortstop position soon.

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