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Hey Osi; "S.T.F.U"!!!

My apologies for the "text-ease" in the title, but I could not figure out a Family friendly way to register my feelings towards Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora (BTW, I am guessing most of you could figure out what "STFU" means, also, as per my text addicted Niece, BTW = by the way, but you probably already knew that, lol.....never mind...) .

Seriously, moments after the Giants absolutely disgraceful, pathetic, disasterous, absurdly sickeningly gutless performance yesterday to close out their stint at Giants Stadium (BTW, rumor has it Jimmy Hoffa even left the game early in disgust), Osi Umenyiora decided to blast the Giants organization and declare it was his last game wearing the Big Blue garb.  

It seems Mr. Umenyiora was angry that he was recently demoted from the starting lineup in favor of Mathias Kiwanuka and also decried his lack of playing time yesterday----as if it would have mattered.

Now, keep in mind, btw, I used to really be a fan of Osi Umenyiora. But the facts are the facts; he missed last season due to injury (no fault of his own). But this season he has been a liability! Hence his "demotion".

He has been useless against the run, has been mediocre at best in the pass rush (his alleged strength, lol) and he has dogged it frequently this season!

He has just ONE friggin move in pass rush mode---you have seen it, the speed move to the outside. Guess what? Every offensive coordinator has seen it as well, which is why we constantly see Osi charging full speed ahead to the outside shoulder of the left tackle (who, BTW, is more then willing to oblige him), while Osi, seeming to be enjoying every minute of flashing his speed, simply gets ridden harmlessly out of the play.

Sure, there are those infrequent occassions where the QB is dopey enough to run right into Osi's out of position, but waiting arms, but for the most part, HE IS NOT A FACTOR! PERIOD!

If I sound dissapointed in him, guess what? I am!

So, rather then show up like the leader he proports to be, Osi Umenyiora whines like a spoiled brat!

Which is why I say to Osi Umenyiora----STFU!!!


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