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Superbowl Victory Tops List of Favorite Packer Moments


While many people would probably agree that the 60s were the greatest decade in Packer history, the 90s were a pretty great decade as well. Since I wasn't alive in the 60s, I've decided to list my five favorite Packer moments from 1990 on.

5. December 22, 2003 @



The Packers were fighting for a playoff berth when they took on the Raiders in a Monday Night Football game that will go down in history as one of the most memorable. One day before the game, quarterback Brett Favre learned that his father, Irv had died unexpectedly from a heart attack near his home in



Favre, who was famously close to his father, had to make the decision of whether to play in the game which the Packers desperately needed to win or go home to be with his family. Believing his father would want him to, Favre chose to play.

The result was a performance for the ages under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Favre was nearly perfect, completing 22 of 30 passes for 399 yards (311 in the first half) and four touchdowns. He also set a team record with a 154.9 passer rating.

The Packers routed the Raiders 41-7. Even the unforgiving Raiders fans sympathized and cheered for Favre as he turned in one of the best performances of his career with a heavy heart. Packer receivers were also outstanding, giving extra effort on every pass in support of their leader. It was a night to remember, not only for Packer fans, but for millions of viewers around the country who witnessed the magical game.

4. December 24, 2004 @



With the NFC North Division title on the line, the Packers traveled to


to take on their hated rival to the west. The winner of the game would clinch the division and a playoff berth.

The game started out wild, as neither team's defense could stop the opposing offense from scoring. As the game wore on, it seemed that whichever team's defense generated a "stop" would win the game. Minnesota got that and more when Chris Claiborne intercepted Brett Favre and returned it 12 yards for a touchdown, giving the Vikings a 31-24 lead with eight minutes left in the game.

It looked like all hope was lost. But Favre rallied back, turning in another one of his many clutch performances in crunch time.

"Never give up. That's been this team's M.O. all season," Favre said, "because we could've quit a long time ago."

Favre engineered an 80 yard drive to tie the game, capped off with Donald Driver's touchdown reception on fourth-and-goal from the 3-yard line with 3:34 remaining.

The Vikings got the ball back and seemed to be on their way to regaining the lead until a holding penalty on Matt Birk wiped out a 16 yard run from Michael Bennett. The penalty backed up the Vikings and they were unable to recover, punting the ball back to Favre and the Packers with 1:35 to play.

Starting from their own 13, the Packer offense methodically moved downfield, traveling 76 yards before Ryan Longwell sent the game-winning kick through the uprights. The key play came as Favre hit Javon Walker on a slant over the middle as he was drilled by a blitzing Viking defender.

The victory gave the Packers the NFC North title and a Merry Christmas for cheeseheads.

3. January 4, 2004 vs.



On a frigid day at Lambeau Field, the Packers took on the Seattle Seahawks in a Wildcard playoff game. Riding the wave of their emotional entrance into the playoffs some thought the Packers were a team of destiny.

The Packers looked sharp in the first half, nearly breaking the game wide open on several occasions, but were never able to pull away. The second half went back and forth, with the Packers clinging to a seven point lead, until Shaun Alexander tied the game on a one-yard touchdown run with 51 seconds remaining.

Alexander's touchdown set the stage for overtime dramatics that instantly warmed a chilled-over crowd.


won the coin toss and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck proclaimed "We want the ball and we're going to score!" The bold statement was picked up by the official’s microphone and projected over Lambeau Field.

Neither team was able to move the ball on its first possession, both going three and out.


seemed to have the momentum on its second possession after picking two first downs. But on third down, Al Harris intercepted Hasselbeck and returned it 52 yards for the game winning touchdown, "dreadlocks in his wake" as Packers radio announcer Wayne Larrivee said.

The play ignited the Lambeau Field crowd, as teammates tackled Harris in the north end zone. Harris then did a victory lap around the stadium, slapping hands with fans as he went. The team of destiny advanced to the Divisional round to face the Philadelphia Eagles.

2. January 12, 2008 vs.



The Packers took on a familiar playoff foe in the Seahawks as an impromptu snowstorm transformed Lambeau Field into a snow globe. For much of the game, the yard lines were invisible, blanketed under the fresh fallen snow.

The game started terribly for the Packers, who were coming off their best season since the Superbowl year of 1997.


turned two early fumbles by Ryan Grant into a 14 point lead before most of the crowd had settled in their seats.

But the Packers and Grant came roaring back, scoring on six straight drives to turn what could have been a playoff disaster into one of the most memorable games in Lambeau Field history. Grant rushed for a playoff record 201 yards and added three touchdowns, as the Packers blew out the Seahawks, 42-20.

Brett Favre was 18-23 and threw three touchdown passes. But his best play of the game came on a third and eight from the


14 just before halftime. Favre was under heavy pressure and looked to be sacked. Somehow he escaped the rush and got off an underhanded flip to Donald Lee as he stumbled to the ground. Lee picked up 11 yards and a first down.

The Packers went on to score a touchdown and take a 28-17 lead into halftime. The Packers turned in a dominating performance in a perfect setting. The snow was so heavy at times, fans couldn't see the action on the other side of the field. But it didn't matter. The thunderous roar of the crowd told the story.

With the win, the Packers advanced to the NFC Championship game.

1. January 26, 1997 Superbowl XXXI vs.

New England


Watching the Packers play in their first Superbowl in 30 years, fans turned The Louisiana Superdome into Lambeau Field south. The streets of

Green Bay

sat empty, as cheeseheads turned their attention to

New Orleans


It didn't take long for the Packer offense to ignite. On the second play from scrimmage Brett Favre threw a 54 yard touchdown to Andre Rison to give the Pack an early lead. A Chris Jacke field goal following a

Green Bay

interception gave the Packers a 10-0 lead.

But the Patriots came storming back, taking a 14-10 lead. It didn't last long, as Favre found Antonio Freeman streaking down the side line for an 81 yard touchdown, the longest in Superbowl history at the time.

After another Jacke field goal, Favre capped off a 74 yard drive by diving into the end zone for a touchdown on a bootleg to the left. The Packers took a 27-14 lead into halftime.

The lead lasted until late in the third quarter when Curtis Martin scored on an 18 yard touchdown run to pull

New England

within six. It didn't last long. Game MVP Desmond Howard returned the ensuing kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. The Packers added a two-point conversion and held a 35-14 lead.

From there, the top-ranked Packer defense took over. Reggie White recorded a Superbowl record three sacks. The Packers won 35-21.

The Packers were World Champions and as radio announcer Jim Irwin said, "The Vince Lombardi Trophy is coming home."

The game itself was of course memorable, but the celebration that followed was equally unforgettable. For the first time in 30 years, the Packers were the best in the world. I'll never forget Reggie White hoisting the trophy over his head and taking a victory lap around the Superdome.

It was one of the greatest moments in Packer history.


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