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A Letter from Timothy to the Corinthians

MTR Baseball Beat 12/9/2011

Flyers Annouce Captain Chris Pronger Will Be Out Indefinitely; Schenn Sidelined Too

Cardinal fans sore over losing Pujols? Don’t, he is paid what the market bears

The Late Great Harry Kalas Recites Twas The Night Before Christmas

Harry Kalas recites Twas the Night Before Christmas to a bunch of kids a few years back. Merry Christmas to the Delaware Valley from Continue reading "The Late Great Harry Kalas Recites Twas The Night Before Christmas" »

A holiday song: "We Need Some Rangers Baseball Now"

It's time for my annual (poorly parodied) Rangers Christmas carol. This year's inspiration is "We Need a Little Christmas." Enjoy. Or roll your eyes. Whichever works for you. Push play on this video (the "Glee" version was the closest to my lyrics) and read along ... We Need Some Rangers... Continue reading "A holiday song: "We Need Some Rangers Baseball Now"" »

Rangers fans enjoy YU-letide celebration

Ever since the bidding ended on Dec. 14, fans have been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting to find out who won the rights to negotiate with Japanese-Iranian pitching phenomenon Yu Darvish. Yep. Just the RIGHTS TO NEGOTIATE. It's strange how Japan does baseball business, but... Continue reading "Rangers fans enjoy YU-letide celebration" »


The Cowboys killed me again. Just when you think a team will step up and take command of their season they stumble into the end zone. Their own end zone. PRICELESS PICKS - Week 15 THU, DEC 15 TIME (ET) TV PICKS LOCATION Jacksonville at Atlanta 8:20 PM NFL Jags... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS - WEEK 15" »

A Letter from Timothy to the Corinthians

Jesus feeds 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, Moses parts bodies of water, and Tim Tebow wins football games- no feat being more miraculous than the other. With just over 2 minutes left in the game, the Denver Disciples were down 10-0 to the Chicago Bears.... Continue reading "A Letter from Timothy to the Corinthians" »

Santa Claus on Open Mike this Friday

Hey everyone, Be sure to listen to Open Mike this Friday at 2 pm, because we will have a very special guest in studio, Santa Claus!! That's right the Claus is coming in and rumor has it he wants to talk about the Giants and Jets. It is the first... Continue reading "Santa Claus on Open Mike this Friday" »

NASCAR sets 2012 Preview schedule

On Thursday, NASCAR released its schedule for the NASCAR Preview 2012 Presented by Sprint. The event is a new addition to the three-day NASCAR Acceleration Weekend to be held Jan. 20-22 in Charlotte. The Preview will consist on driver appearances, show cars on display, racing simulators, games, prizes and other... Continue reading "NASCAR sets 2012 Preview schedule" »

Top-10 NASCAR moments of 2011

Last week, NASCAR revealed the top-10 moments of the 2011 race season, as voted on my members of the motorsports media. The results are as follows: 10. Last year's top rookies follow up with series championships Ricky Stenhouse Jr. rebounded from a tumultuous start to his rookie Nationwide campaign of... Continue reading "Top-10 NASCAR moments of 2011" »

The Lady EE Show 12/9/11

Theladyeeshow27md Lady EE hosting great latin music including, Salsa, Reggaeton, R&B, Pop & lots more. Podcast includes segments such as "Fresh Play" with new music & or artists. "Career Corner" featuring employment news & job fairs. And THE favorite segment around, B.Y.O.B. "Blow Your Own Business" supporting local stores, restaurants... Continue reading "The Lady EE Show 12/9/11" »

Get through the recession by earning your degree in teaching

This was a spam Email that I received. “Make a difference in schools by becoming a teacher.” “There are many teaching programs available.” Who wants to become a teacher today? Public education is under fire and under scrutiny. People think that teachers are overpaid and underproductive. These same so called... Continue reading "Get through the recession by earning your degree in teaching" »

Winter Meetings 2011--Cleveland Indians

If another American League team signs Yoenis Cespedes, the Cleveland Indians can counter by signing Orlando Cepeda. They need a first baseman and Cepeda could probably fall out of bed and get an extra base hit. Did anyone notice that the lowly Los Angeles Dodgers have taken a page out... Continue reading "Winter Meetings 2011--Cleveland Indians" »

Will New England Patriots Give Redskins a Full 60 Minutes, or Merely Time of Day?

DATELINE: HUMOR! Usually you can see 60 Minutes in its entirety following the game that runs over the allotted time for football on Sunday night. The Patriots have made a point in the past few days to note they have not played 60 minutes yet this season. Both Coach Bill... Continue reading "Will New England Patriots Give Redskins a Full 60 Minutes, or Merely Time of Day?" »

Albert Pujols is Headed to Walley World

Albert Pujols turned down more than $200 million from the Cardinals to head out to sunny California. The deciding factor: Theme Parks! Disney once owned the Angels from 1996 to 2003, but sold the team to it's current owner Arte Moreno. Unfortunately, Pujols was unaware of this change in ownership.... Continue reading "Albert Pujols is Headed to Walley World" »


Twas the night before Christmas And all thru the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. When all of a sudden A stamping I heard…. The smell of cigarettes was in the air. The presents were unwrapped and stolen. The cookies and milk were gone, With a... Continue reading "O-DUMBO THE XMAS GRINCH " »

Italian Hour Podcast 12-9-11

Italian Hour's new podcast is available starring Nicolette Tropiano, Karen Ciasca Zeltman, and Anthony Campeggio. Italian Hour covers the world of entertainment, dining and wine, and Philadelphia sports. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here. You can hear the show On Demand by clicking... Continue reading "Italian Hour Podcast 12-9-11" » Video Corner

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