> Phillies Game 4/19/09 - Phanatic's b-day

Chad Durbin has many balls :O)
Flowers in the outfield
Miguel Cairo is hungry
Miguel Cairo
Ryan Howard's new mouthpiece
Phanatic's birthday cake
Penn State Quaker
Villanova Wildcat
Uhhh....a bird?
Turning a small Phanatic into....
A big Phanatic!
Phanatic celebrates his birthday
Making mini-Phanatic appear
Phanatic performs magic
A routy b-day party
Phanatic's birthday cake - all Tastycakes!
Eric Bruntlett greets a small fan
Chan Ho Park
Chan Ho Park
Victorino dives for the ball - look up, you will see the ball
Victorino hitting
Chase Utley taunts the Padres catcher :O)
Ummm....he is SO out; but called safe!
Pedro Feliz
Raul Ibanez
Pedro Feliz
Padres watch after a kid gets hit with a broken bat - the kid was ok!
Ryan Howard with a triple
Shane Victorino
JA Happ
Ryan Howard makes a diving catch
Howard ready to throw from his knees
On the ground after the throw from his knees
Chase Utley homers
Howard congratulates Utley
Phanatic 5 leader dances with the Phanatic
Jimmy Rollins 1 pitch before his home run
J-Rolls 1st pinch hit home run
Greg Dobbs
Greg Dobbs
Chase Utley
Clay Condrey
Howard scores on Ibanez homer
Raul Ibanez hits a walk-off homer and gets beat up!
Raul Ibanez hits a walk-off homer and gets beat up!